Sectors Served

Britannia Industrial Flooring Ltd solutions are used in a wide variety of sectors throughout the UK.  As one of the leading industrial flooring contractors in the UK, our services are used by some of the UK’s leading industries and organisations including Atlas Copco Compressors, Stagecoach, The British Library, Fylde CNC Specialist and Dawson Shanahan (Wales) Ltd.

Our flooring systems are so adaptable that they’re suitable for almost any industrial or commercial environment. Learn more about the sectors we serve below or contact us for more information.

Industrial & Commercial Flooring

Tough, wear-resistant solutions for commercial and industrial applications. With three decades of experience supplying, we install in a huge range of settings, from shopping centers to clean rooms. Get solutions tailored to your needs, backed by unrivalled product knowledge.

Food & Pharmaceutical Flooring

Bespoke flooring systems for environments where hygiene is paramount, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities. Whatever your requirements, our seamless, anti-microbial flooring meets or exceeds international hygiene and food processing standards.

Chemical & Heavy Duty Flooring

Chemical-resistant flooring products for the most extreme and demanding conditions. Manufactured to ISO 9001 and installed by our skilled personnel, our solutions are suitable for concrete repair, wall coating, chemical resistant tank lining and many other specialist applications.

Health & Safety / Specialist Flooring

Flooring that meets and exceeds the most stringent of health and safety regulations. Our range of epoxy resin flooring can be adapted to almost any situation that demands special attention to health and safety considerations.

Our specialist flooring experience covers the whole spectrum of manufacturing industries including advanced robotic automotive plants, the chemicals sector, and pharmaceutical facilities.

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