Pumped Screed

Britannia Industrial Flooring Ltd instal a wide range of cement-based industrial strength floor toppings and self-levelling compound floor systems.

Concrete screed floor systems can be applied at a minimum thickness of 10mm and then diamond polished. This gives a natural polished concrete effect without exposing large aggregate that’s generally seen with polished concrete.

Pumped screed self-levelling compound can be laid at a minimal thickness of 7mm. The reduction in thickness can result in pumped screed being a more competitive option than thicker sand and cement.

Polished concrete floor screed is a micro concrete installation that is further enhanced by diamond polishing to achieve a finish that is visually stunning, easy to clean and impossible to beat from a durability perspective.

We are the leading UK installer of Mapei Products and have completed a large number of successful screed floor projects around the country.

Mapei Ultratop is extremely hard-wearing and is bonded to the substrate ensuring that the surface will potentially last the life cycle of the building. It’s ideal for retail, commercial, industrial and public areas and will provide a high quality and aesthetically pleasing appearance without the high-end costs attributed to similar coverings.

We also have a range of standard and bespoke ‘terrazzo’ effect screed floor colours available to suit your specific requirements.

Pumped screed self-levelling compound provides a fast-track industrial floor solution to renovate, repair and level old polished concrete floors. It is also possible to level and repair poorly formed or rain or frost damaged concrete slabs economically. Large areas can be installed relatively quickly, cutting down on time and saving money.

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