Flooring Guide

Our expert team will help you choose the ideal industrial or seamless epoxy resin flooring system for your business.

Epoxy resin flooring is suitable for many applications within the commercial and industrial market. Epoxy resin, polyurethane or pumped polymer systems are used to create a seamless epoxy resin floor covering. Additives such as quartz aggregates, coloured aggregates, PVA flakes, aluminium oxide can be incorporated to create different finishes. Colour can also be added for decorative effect or safety demarcation of walkways and linings.

Associated Resin Flooring Services

  • Resin coving, skirting and renders
  • Polymer Modified Cement underlayments
  • Resin-based floor repairs
  • Resin-based jointing
  • Chemical resistant bunds
  • Damp Proof Membranes
  • Resin coating for wall tanks etc.
  • Screed refurbishment

Polished Concrete

The HTC Superfloor process uses HTC diamond tools fitted to HTC planetary grinding machines and involves grinding away the weaker top surface of the floor to expose and refine the harder layers of the concrete.

Benefits of HTC Superfloor™ Polished Concrete Floors

  • A polished and glossy floor – yet not slippery
  • A more even floor, allowing quieter forklift truck traffic
  • Light-reflecting for a lighter, brighter working environment
  • A hard durable floor that’s resistant to wear
  • Environmentally friendly flooring, made with natural materials
  • Economical – extremely low maintenance costs and long life span
  • Easy to Clean

Sub Floor Preparation

It is vitally important that the substrate of any floor is sound. Britannia Industrial Flooring Ltd has vast experience in this field and ensures this, using our own UK fleet of dust-free HTC diamond grinding equipment. Our equipment is used to create stunning polished concrete floors and also deployed to prepare floors to an unbeatable standard prior to a resin floor installation.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Precise cleaning and maintenance needs are dependent on the Polished Concrete flooring type installed. Full written cleaning and maintenance guide will be provided on installation.

The Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA) Flooring Guide

Type & Name Description Duty Typical Thickness
Floor Seal Applied in two or more coats.
Generally solvent or water borne.
LD up to 150 µm
Floor Coating Applied in two or more coats.
Generally solvent free.
LD/MD 150 µm to 300 µm
High Build Floor Coating Applied in two or more coats.
Generally solvent free.
MD 300 µm to 1000 µm
Multi-layer Flooring Aggregate dressed systems based on multiple layers of floor coatings or flow-applied floorings, often described as ‘sandwich’ systems. MD/HD > 2 mm
Flow Applied Flooring Often referred to as ‘self-smoothing’ or ‘self-levelling’ flooring and having a smooth surface. MD/HD 2 mm to 3 mm
Resin Screed Flooring Trowel-finished, heavily filled systems, generally incorporating a surface seal coat to minimize porosity. MD/HD > 4 mm
Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring Having a smooth surface. HD/VHD 4 mm to 6 mm
Heavy Duty Resin Flooring Trowel-finished, aggregate filled systems effectively impervious throughout their thickness. VHD > 6 mm

Duty Description

LD (Light duty) light foot traffic, occasional rubber tyre vehicles

MD (Medium duty) regular foot traffic, frequent fork lift truck traffic, occasional hard plastic-wheeled trolleys

HD (Heavy duty) constant fork lift truck traffic, hard plastic wheeled trolleys, some impact

VHD (Very heavy duty) severe heavily loaded traffic and impact